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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Excellent weathering guide

Having read Wild Swan's attempt to provide a guide for weathering, I was not optimistic for another personal approach on this subject. 

However, Hornby have used a selection of articles from various authors thus allowing a little variety - the use of colour photos to illustrate the various steps in the weathering process provide an excellent guide. Other features are the lists of the actual materials used in each process - truly helpful.

Rather than waffle on, I suggest that this volume represents the easiest to follow guide on weathering, it is simply rather good which is not too difficult as they have the use of some excellent authors.

The cost of £5.99 is the bargain of the year-the only problem is its origin.


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  1. I would actually say that the publication is very much a personal approach to the subject - 95% of it is Tim Shackleton. The real difference with this over many other similar publications is that he is not only a very accomplished modeller but also a professional writer. He has made the subject very, very accessible for all modellers!


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