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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Livestock wagon Pt1

Pola-Maxi - a short history

In 1957, a businessman called Horst Pollak of Schweinfurt/Germany founded a company named POLA to produce plastic kits of model buildings in several gauges. In collaboration with Rivarossi in Italy and AHM, Allied Hobby Manufacturers, USA, in 1970 the company moved to Rothhausen and began to manufacture trains in gauge 0 under the name of Pola-Maxi. 

When, in 1985, Mr. Pollack died in a plane crash, his business went into decline. The model buildings stayed in production with the old company, but the 0 gauge trains side was sold off and continued under the name of Techno-Modell, Bonn. It was then bought by someone from Munich and marketed in kit form as Rai-Mo, F├╝rstenfeldbruck. In the nineties some of the kits were reintroduced as Billerbahn, then as EMA, Eisenbahn Modellbau Anlagen,  Weimar.

In 1997, Faller bought the moulds for the building kits and the Rothausen factory was closed. After the failure of EMA, the 0 gauge models are currently out of production but still can be found at auctions.

Verschlagwagen A8 Vh 04

The first task is to replace the bendy whitemetal chassis with a Pola plastic moulded chassis. However the plastic wheels have been replaced with metal disc wheels from Heywood Models, to ensure good running the axlebox covers were removed and the journals increased to 2,5mm to accomodate brass bearings.

Each bearing received a tiny drop of oil to ensure silent running

The chassis had to be modified to accept the Moog close coupling mechanism.

 Other improvements will be brass steps although the picture is incorrect as there are just two small steps.


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