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This rambling blog is about building a simple layout in HO, the available space is rather small but the prototype was not built on the grand scale, most rural stations were merely a curved loop and a siding, which is easy to replicate.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Grass - the green stuff near the track-1

Scenery doesn't seem to be a huge priority for many modellers, this is hardly surprising considering the amount of room required for the railway infrastructure but surely the 'green stuff' should play an important role apart from a mere in-fill?

Grafenwalde may be small compared with most HO scale layouts but the scenery to track  ratio is about 50/50, because the track plan is simple.

To attempt to replicate this sward of broken grass, Heki 10mm 3377 static grass was used but I also place a roughly torn piece of Heki Decovlies in the wet PVA before applying the static grass. This gives a element of variety to the scene and when perfectly dry, I carefully soak a pach of grass with cheap sticky hairspray and then apply a second coat of static grass.

Other, more broken rough grass can be a problem but I tend to use pieces of MiniNatur grass mat, roughly torn, if only to vary the appearance.

Weeds - seem to be neglected but thanks to Gordon and Maggie Gravett, they are easy to replicate.

 Is anyone else interested in realistic scenery?

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