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This rambling blog is about building a simple layout in HO, the available space is rather small but the prototype was not built on the grand scale, most rural stations were merely a curved loop and a siding, which is easy to replicate.

Monday, 7 December 2015

125,000 visitors!!!!

 Привет и добро пожаловать + привіт і ласкаво просимо

Gosh, would you believe it, a blog about a minority subject has managed to achieve 125,000 visitors since September 2012, that is an average of 105 visitors per day. 

Where do you come from? The blog tracker suggests that there a equal number of visitors from the UK and US but with the Ukraine a close third.

That is simply amazing as there we receive absolutely no links or support from the major forums therefore most visitors must be returning having found Pottendorf. 

Well, thank you to all visitors and those friendly folk who have provided links to the blog.

Tim Hale

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