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This rambling blog is about building a couple of simple layouts in HO, the available space is rather small but the prototype was not built on the grand scale, most rural stations were merely a curved loop and a siding, which is easy to replicate.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Final and farewell trip

Thirty years ago, our family began an almost annual pilgrimage to Southern Germany, we enjoyed a three week exchange of homes with a family in Bamberg and this year we repeated the experience but for the final time. Next year, we will be retired and 'La Belle France' beckons will all its coquettish charm.
One of two stand out memories remain but the biggest change in those thirty years is the almost complete eradication of the traditional local model railway store, Bamberg once offered five excellent examples and now there are none. The same pattern is repeated almost everywhere, Lichtenfels had a seriously good store but this fell to the wayside many years ago and even once familiar red and white Marklin sign is almost gone from most cities, let alone towns.

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  1. I know what you mean about the lack of model shops. It canbe very hard to get anything unless you are after big items loke entire LGB train sets or massive fiddle yard systems. I feel I have to justify making model railways here because it is seen as a rich mans hobby of buying boxes. I always have to add the qualifier that I build thingsmyselfinstead of buying them...


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