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This rambling blog is about building a couple of simple layouts in HO, the available space is rather small but the prototype was not built on the grand scale, most stations were merely a curved loop and a siding.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Recycling waste

I don't often go dumpster diving, it is so undignified, but a visit to the local recycling centre resulted in this 'aquarium' rock. Cost -nothing, it was a throwaway.

OK, it was broken but some glue and a piece of foamboard later, it is a potential piece of the layout that is set in Fränkische Schweiz The region is notable for the rocky limestone outcrocks, therefore this is a very useful find.

The white filler is the amazing advanced Polyfilla applied with a pallette knife and smoothed over with a very wet 25mm flat brush. The stone colour is a Crown matchpot tester called 'taupe' and it will receive another coat over the filler followed by a wash with my favourite mix of water/vodka/artists sepia ink.  All the stone structures on Pottendorf receive the same treatment so that everything has the same texture and colour.


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  1. A great find, Tim!
    Did you manage to retrieve this before it went into the tip (from the original owner) or later? I doubt my local guys would allow this, they're quite particular.


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