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For the past forty-odd years I have pursued an interest in the Railways of Germany however as the end of the line beckons, I have returned to the railway that has always run past my home - the Southern.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Goods yard - 1

The surface of the old goods yard on Beaminster Road was a layer of ordinary cardboard box, selected as the same height as Peco sleepers, it was painted concrete to both seal the surface and represent the surface upgraded during WW2 when 'dirt' yards, such as Seaton Junction, were paved to allow rigorous use by the military. The weedy lines represent the expansion gaps to prevent cracking of the concrete surface.

Another cardboard box is being re-cycled under heavy objects in preparation for another goods yard surface.


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  1. A deceptively simple but certainly gives the right result, excellent!

    Dick Rowland


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