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For the past forty-odd years I have pursued an interest in the Railways of Germany however as the end of the line beckons, I have returned to the railway that has always run past my home - the Southern.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Scenery upgrade - 1

It is excellent advice was to avoid flat baseboards or at least introduce subtle contours. The baseboards had some scenic shapes, which have been retained and it was important to create other contours.

This was December 2013 work had stopped.

 Clearing the layout in 2014.

Rebuilding in December 2018.

The track has been singled and the station moved to the far end of the layout.  Layers of 5mm foamboard have been used to create the road and base for the Stationmaster's House which is some 15mm deep. The abrupt changes of contour are blended with lightweight Pollyfilla and smoothed with a wet brush.

It is really messy and time consuming.

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