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For the past forty-odd years I have pursued an interest in the Railways of Germany however as the end of the line beckons, I have returned to the railway that has always run past my home - the Southern.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

LMS full brake on the BR(S)

Full brakes were used as parcels vans most of the time which makes one wonder why the LMS and BR went to the expense of providing the guards equipment which is very rarely used. However, the LMS did provide special brake vans for parcels and perishable trains which not only conformed to the passenger coaching stock specification but provided the guard with a stove. This was a necessary provision as few Non Passenger Coaching Stock (NPCS) vehicles carried steam heating pipes and there was, therefore, no way of connecting the guard to the steam heat from the engine. 

This was initially done by fitting pre-group six wheel or short bogie full brakes with a stove and branding them "STOVE". Although many of these converted stoves saw service well into B.R. days they were beginning to get a bit obsolete in 1932 and so the six wheel STOVE R brakes were built. 

BR(S) had a few on Western Division workings,  with an example of a Stove R seen here at the Vauxhall Milk Depot.

These vehicles were obviously intended as guard's accommodation in trains of non-passenger coaching stock but like the bogie brakes many were used as parcels vans for much of their working life. 

Many years ago, Dapol was commissioned by Hornby Magazine to produce a modern version of the Hornby Dublo Stove R, a six wheel passenger brake van. 

Unfortunately the Dapol Stove R was met with a withering  barrage of criticism, mostly from folk copying each other's comments and usually utterly incapable in actually making anything as good.  I owned an example and was very pleased with it, now I have found another.

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