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Monday, 12 August 2019

Details for the SDJR - final part

Bedford OBs at Blandford
 It might be of some help to those interested in the SDJR that ran along the Dorset Stour. For sixty years the area was faithfully served by the Bere Regis Bus Company, better known as  'Brown Buses', there is a weblog from Countrybus which provides some history, route map and images of their vehicles. 
Bere Regis Bus Company
Despite being rather small, the Bere Regis Bus Company has attracted the attention of EFE and their most attractive buses from the 50s are available. 

Bedford OB

For those interested there is a description of the bus service that was supposed to replace the SDJR

 The A357 going north-west from Blandford was served by Southern National on their 75 Yeovil - Stur Newton - Blandford route a couple of times a day from 1948 to 1959. 
Hants & Dorset only came to the A357 in March 1966 with the closure of the S&D rail line therefore outside this thread. Their 24A ran Poole - Blandford - Stur Newton - Stalbridge a couple of times a day. Likewise, Somervale Coaches ran rail replacement services Blandford - Stur Newton - Wincanton - Shepton Mallet - Glastonbury four times a day until 1972. 
The Bere Regis Bus Company, IIRC, had a A357 route,  amongst their Sturminster services were 16 Blandford - Okeford Fitzpaine, 17 Shaftesbury - Woolland and 18 Yeovil - Sturminster Newton.
Map of Bere Regis services 1956

 Etched signage

Still available from Scalelink SS9

 Peco LK-62 Platform edge, suitable for Charlton Marshall

Dart Casting SR concrete and platform equipment
L-124 platform supports - Durweston 
L39 Pre-cast running-in boards

L4 - Somerset County Council signposts

SR seats and barrows

S2V SR etch
 MSE, Dapol and Ratio offer SR Signals both rail and lattice

Dapol 4L-003-005
Mike's Models watercrane 

If anymore items come to light, they will be added. 

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