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The layout is merely an exercise to prove that anyone can build a reasonably plausible SDJR layout in a modest space WITHOUT having to resort to scratchbuilding, instead easily available models were repurposed to suit the supposed location.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

2P 40634

For almost a month, I have been in recovery following a heart attack and open heart bypass surgery. The 2P has now been completed, thanks to Neil Kinison. 

A rather good image of the loco showing the later Fowler dome and chimney (without capuchon) 

2P 40634 at BGP 1954 
The Hornby model upgraded with new crew, fixtures and fittings

The dome and chimney are Fowler items from Alan Gibson Workshops Dome 4M613 - Chimney 4M608. - for building a BR loco but the capuchon on the chimney had to be removed.

And almost finished?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tim.

    My first thought reading the post was s**t!

    Good you are still with us and hope you make a good recovery.

    Really like the new layout.

    Best wishes.



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