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My simple philosophy is to be a modeller of railways there needs to be a model railway. It doesn't matter if it is a loft or an Ikea box, there has to be a railway, otherwise we are mere collectors of things in boxes.

Sunday, 26 July 2020

I am not a serial collector

A confession, I am not a serial collector, my loco cupboard contains just enough to run Beaminster Road and ‘MicroPlank’  which is less than double figures. 

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Moreover, I have a hankering for small prototypes with tall chimneys, big domes and not much else hence Beaminster Road has a preponderance of Adams and Drummond locos with two notable exceptions, a poorly N 31860 and a wondrous H2 32424 both at the opposite end of Bachmann’s quality spectrum. I am unapologetic about the presence of the H2, it is utterly nonsensical but my father took me to see one at Bournemouth and it hauls a LCGB Special to commemorate both the demise of the loco and the line.
For Sale
 All the passenger stock is pre-BR, my thanks to Hornby for their far-sighted approach but I remain loyal to the Bachmann blood and custard Bulleids that are contemporaries of the limping N.   

The same sentiments apply to the goods stock, all short and mostly vans except the contentious Lima 40t ballast hoppers that are the sole task of the N. 

Why all this nostalgia? Well, it is a simple philosophy, that may or not be correct, which suggests that despite the fixation of modellers with ‘bigguns’  they didn’t tend to end up on branchlines, instead after being displaced by modern locos, they tended to remain on the mainlines and be used on secondary services before withdrawl as their weight prevented their use on secondary lines. These lines, such as the D&E, tended to be worked by lighter, smaller types until they too were replaced by more of the same or the line was simply closed by BR(W)  The locos on the D&E were chosen from actual allocation of appropriate types to Exmouth Junction or Dorchester. 

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