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Thursday, 19 November 2020

The Yard Office - 1

The next project is another nostalgic journey to attempt to recreate a plausible yard office loosely based on Axminster Gates. 


This not as odd as it seems, some years ago there were a couple of redundant wooden buildings recycled, all gone either destroyed or preserved.  On order is an equally ancient Airfix yard office as the door is better placed but the windows will have to be upgraded with thin strips of white label.  The Airfix roof really needs reworking with postcard strip and a natty finial, I suppose the only salvageable parts are the wooden sides. 

A brick damproof base is needed and it will receive the usual careworn SR green and cream finish, just waiting for the kit to arrive from Pufferwillies. 

This was the previous attempt at a yard office, unfortunately my ability to recreate a model to this standard departed when Parkinsons arrived. 


  Cheers and Stay Safe

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