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The layout is a small Southern Region station during the first four years of British Railways from '48-52.

Thursday, 11 June 2020

D15 - an album

An small collection of D15 images - origin of all images is unknown.

The D15 class 4-4-0 was the last steam locomotive design by Dugald Drummond for the London and South Western Railway in 1912. By 1912, Dugald Drummond had built several classes of unsuccessful 4-6-0 express passenger locomotives. The result of these failures was that when he designed what was to be his last class in 1911, a new 4-4-0 design emerged from Eastleigh Works in February 1912, with what was to be the first of his D15 class. 

 The class was initially given the "intermediate" type of eight-wheel, double bogie tender with inside bogie frames carrying 4 tons (4.06 tonnes) of coal and 4,500 gallons (20.5m3), due to the lack of water troughs on the line. By 1923, the eight-wheeled tenders had been replaced by six wheeled 3,500 gallon (15.9m3) versions transferred from K10 and L11 locomotives. 


Other sources:-

Model Railway Constructor April 1980- Building a D15 in 7mm




Steam Days March 2014 - LSWR D15s

30463 Eastleigh Still equipped with oil tank 

464 Fareham 25th December 1949 

30464 Cosham 3rd June 1952

30464 Salisbury 28th June '53

30464 at Waterloo 28th June ‘53

465 Eastleigh

30465 1953 near Eastleigh

  30465 near Ashurst, New Forest


SR 466 on a down train passing Millbrook, still fitted with valves on the smokebox

 SR 466 9th July 1949 fitted with capuchon lipped chimney

30466 Portsmouth 1950 still fitted with capuchon lipped chimney. The loco may never have received BR lined livery.
30466 Bournemouth 5th March 1950 - thank you Mike Morant

30466 Eastleigh with stovepipe but retaining Southern on the tender
 30466 Romsey April 1952 now fitted with stovepipe chimney

 30466 Swanwick 15th March 1952
467 Down Bournemouth express near Clapham cutting
30467 Fareham fruit train 15th June 1953


30467 near Byfleet 
30468 Southampton Central 24th April 1951

30468 Salisbury
30469 Eastleigh June 1949 Note unlined black livery, early BR lettering, no smokebox number 
30470 Salisbury c'49/50
30470 Fareham 20th June 1950

30470 Eastleigh 
471 Bournemouth 11th March 1924
30471 Preston Park in Apr-53 - Peter Hay
30471Eastleigh Works on 01/05/1954 - Neville Stead Collection
30471 Eastleigh 23rd Aug 1952
30471 Basingstoke shed yard Oct 1949
 472 Up Bournemouth express near Earlsfield
30472 Bournemouth
There are no known images of the D15 cab interior but the T9 cab was very similar with the addition of a lubricator on each side of the cab

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