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The concept of the layout is a rural station in West Dorset on the proposed direct Dorchester-Exeter route during the first four years of British Railways from '48-52.

Monday, 3 May 2021

Narrow cab T9s with six wheel tenders


30704 waits patiently at Padstow, date unknown. It must have been '48-51 as it was withdrawn in October 1951.

A 'bitsa' for Beaminster Road

The 'roundtuit' cupboard is getting a final rummage and clean-out, amongst the bits were a Hornby T9 chassis with a Peter's Spares upgrade, a Hornby narrow cab T9 body and a T9 6w tender. Hornby did offer a nice T9 narrow cab with 6 wheel tender 30726 R2831 but Beaminster Road is stuck in a '48-52 time loop and there is an image of 30704 at both Padstow and Yeovil Town in unlined black but carrying BR numbers with SOUTHERN on the tender. 

30704 at Yeovil Town, the distinctive gas works is in the background. Again, date unknown. It must have been '48-51 as it was withdrawn in October 1951.


T9 with narrow cabs and six wheel tenders 

281/282/704/726/729 were the only narrow-cab T9s with 6-wheeled tenders, all 14' wheelbase ones.

281 was withdrawn in October 1951, in plain black but with a BR number. I'm not sure of what type of lettering it had.

282 was withdrawn in 1954 in BR lined black, received November 1951 when it was renumbered from s282 (received Feb 1948 with BRITISH RAILWAYS spelt out on the tender, plain black, in Bulleid Sunshine lettering)

704 withdrawn in October 1951 in plain black, tender SOUTHERN in Bulleid Sunshine, cab side 30704 in Gill Sans, from March 1950.

726 withdrawn in August 1959, BR lined black from April 1949, initially with no crest.

729 withdrawn in March 1961, BR lined from December 1949  black, early BR emblem

All the above are 30729 Swanage, Bournemouth, Eastleigh

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