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The layout is a small Southern Region station during the first four years of British Railways from '48-52.

Sunday, 3 October 2021

T9 706 and V class 930 at Bournemouth Central

This image is posted purely for educational purposes and belongs to the Smug Mug site. It is T9 706 and V class 930 on the upside at Bournemouth Central but it is remarkable for the comparison of 4-4-0s on the Southern in just one generation, the only common feature is the wheel size.


Courtesy of the SmugMug website

It also helps to illustrate why Beaminster Road is populated by locos of the T9 generation with just one notable exception, the H15 which is included as an example of progress on the LSWR in just twenty years. Small locos seem to suit a small layout and Beaminster Road is no exception. 

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