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For the past forty-odd years I have pursued an interest in the Railways of Germany however as the end of the line beckons, I have returned to the railway that has always run past my home - the Southern.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Booking Office and Lock-Up -hidden gems

These modest buildings turn their backs on the viewer to face the trains but they still deserve to be detailed - they are a mixture of Peco and Wills.

Judging from the ominous green patch, damp has started to accumulate in one corner of the booking office. A brickwork base and damp course will solve that problem.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Tilly's Motor Repairs

Within living memory, most large villages had an independent motor car repairer, possibly a legacy of the local blacksmith. These establishments would attempt repairs on most motor vehicles, supply and fit tyres, coal, paraffin, even fix your bicycle. 

Max Allen's Garage in Peter Tavy demolished 2011

Away from the coast, West Dorset, is somewhat off the beaten track and Tilly's Garage would have been typical of the area, just a single wooden building with an attached office, it would serve the community until Mr Tilly's retirement.

It started as a Wills garage, the roof has been painted to represent corrugated asbestos with the moss starting to gather. It will receive a fully detailed interior and exterior.

Still lots more to do. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Minor milestones

Most of the buildings are finished and they have been temporarily placed in their positions in order to see if they work - the impression of a insignificant station seems to be spot-on, no one item is overwhelming and the decision to remove the Provender store was correct.

 All the details are yet to be created - trees, hedges, walls, fences will be built around the station, a layout is never truly finished.

The remainder of the layout will progress once the station is complete rather than tackle all the layout at the same time. This incremental method provides minor milestone achievements and keeps the interest active.