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The blog is about the rebuilding of a layout that was all but abandoned in 2013, its survival is thanks to the kindness of others. A few older posts are included to chart its progress.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Parcel traffic

The SDJR did carry a certain amount of through parcels traffic from the north and midlands via the exMidland mainline.

These models represent that traffic from all four regions of BR.

Replica exLMS 50' BG, a nice upgrade of the former Mainline model

Bachmann exLNER Thompson 63' BG
Hornby exSR Van B
Hornby exSR Van C
Dapol exGWR Fruit  B

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Links to the past

For the past few years both Hornby and Bachmann have produced some excellent stock for those of the Southern persuasion, what is missing is the infrastructure of Southern Railway buildings. However not is all lost, there are a few excellent books that provide plans and views of buildings, whilst amongst the archives of Railway Modeller and Model Railway Constructor there are a few gems to be found- John Charman and Frank Crudass were prolific contributors to both magazines, the latter featuring his layout Wadebridge.

Frank Crudass

RM 11/68 Building a super-detail tank wagon, pages 336, 337.
RM 08/69 N Class Locomotive 2-6-0 SE&CR Maunsell Design
RM 06/70 LSWR Rail Built Buffer Stop
MRC 06/65 SR Platform barrows
MRC 03/66 Building 30200 - building the Wills 4mm scale kit
MRC 07/66 SR Platform seats
MRC 04-5/67 Modelling the Beattie Well Tank
MRC 07/66 SR Platform seats
MRC 1980 Annual Wadebridge Island Platform

John Charman

MRC 08/71 LSWR Loading Gauge - John Charman describes the prototype and the model

Friday, 1 November 2019

Retro renegade

For the past couple of years we have been waiting for Hornby's wondrous Bulleid coaches to hit the box shifters and we admit that there is a pack of them sitting in the 'rainy day' cupboard.

But there's the rub, they are so good that they overwhelm our 20+year lovely Bachmann 'blood and custard' 63ft Bulleids except the old Bachmanns actually work for a living on Child Okeford.

Following the instructions in George Dent's article Model Rail 174, they have been  tweaked them with Hornby metal wheels, black paper corridor connectors and new pipework. They run perfectly, nothing comes adrift and they look the bees-knees behind the West Country.

In short, they scrub up really well and are proper 'layout' coaches rather than display case models.  


Wednesday, 23 October 2019

New layout and new blog

Please note that there is a change of ownership:-

Following a long period of illness, the previous owner and builder has relinquished ownership of the Child Okeford layout and is concentrating on a mini-diorama (below)
A large amount of surplus rolling stock is being sold on eBay.

 Our new, small diorama, based on the Permanent Way depot, has its own blog:-  please, click here

The fully working diorama is just 48"x24" and is highly detailed and optimised at just 32" high for wheelchair users and future modellers (chairs are provided for other folk)   - it is ready for exhibiting in 2020  

Take a look