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The layout is merely an exercise to prove that anyone can build a reasonably plausible SDJR layout in a modest space WITHOUT having to resort to scratchbuilding, instead easily available models were repurposed to suit the supposed location.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Edward the compressor

Sorry about the pun but it was a long-standing workplace 'joke' that all compressors were called 'Edward' although the significance of naming a noisy piece of machinery after the penultimate Anglo-Saxon king of England is lost on most (if not all) 

The compressor was towed to the worksite and used to power whatever air tools were employed. It was certainly not man-portable.

There is a paucity of suitable models of 50s construction machinery so a Matchbox #28 Bedford was sacrificed.


With tow truck but not finished

It needs a two-bar, hitch and details.

Recyling an armchair

The old armchair has found a use outside the Permanent Way gang's messroom, it will be OK when the sun is shining but will soon deteriorate when the rain starts.


Monday, 6 January 2020

Radical change - 3

Started last October, the occupation bridge merely awaits its flock of sheep and shepherd.

Friday, 3 January 2020

Homemade lamps

My thanks to Adrian of Westerhamstation for his very permission to use his ideas and images.

Finding suitable lamps for Child Okeford was rather frustrating, I had a set of Chinese-working lamps in SR green but they seemed better suited to S 1:64 Scale and I really do not need them to be functional.

Rather than kits, the bits were obtained from the local Hobbycraft shop (or eBay) and DigiHanger, the local model shop.

These are the basic bits from Hobbycraft:-

First the earring backs MSBPK-8 and longball wire hooks LBWSPPK-6

Dismantle the longball wire hooks

 Add the earring back

Assemble to create a lamp

Add the ball to the centre - superglue in place and leave to set

Add the assembled lamp to a suitable brass tube, I used 3mm o/d inside a shorter piece of 5mm o/d bought from Digihanger  

Not bad - spray with an appropriate colour such as Humbrol Green Grass 80