About the blog

The blog is about the rebuilding of a layout that was all but abandoned in 2013, its survival is thanks to the kindness of others. A few older posts are included to chart its progress.

Friday, 12 July 2019

2P or not 2P

The Hornby 2P has finally returned, gone are the football sized handrails and weird boiler fittings. Instead new dome and tall Midland chimney as carried by the final fifteen built by the LMS, other improvements are correct number, loco crew and AG bogie wheels. Maybe some dummy front frames would be useful and a tablet catcher?

 The big difference is the running characteristics, which are rather good.



Monday, 8 July 2019

AD departing - back soon(ish)


The AD will be away for a short break, in the meantime, the blog will bump along with 'yours truly'  trying to cope.

What's coming up?

  • A rebuilt Mainline 2P with loco drive and lots of new detail
  • Yet another engineering wagon build- a Chivers Tunney
  • Of, course some more boring wagons
And whilst the AD's away, maybe an open 'shed' day in August - watch this space.



Friday, 5 July 2019

Cattle stampede

The Dorset Stour valley had a busy livestock market at Sturminster Newton that closed in 1997, which was at the heart of community activity for so long. The arrival of the Somerset and Dorset railway in 1863 provided a major boost and by 1906 the livestock market had grown enough to justify a move to a one-acre site off Station Road.  The rail served site was added to several times during the 20th century and by the time of its closure in 1997 it covered seven acres.
See below, just before redevelopment.

And another image from Sturminster Newton market, this is the office of Senior and Godwin. Local auctioneers since Pontius was at flying school,  certainly in existence pre WW1 and the bull was called Gerald.

To service the livestock market, these are the cattle vans:-

Both are Bachmann and they are lovely


Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Exit stage left

Never really happy with the 2D tunnel mouth on the left exit to the storage sidings - too flat and no character.

Inspired by the long demolished bridge #133 at Sturminster Newton, a Wills single bridge will be perfect.

Certainly looks the part.

Another brake van?

My secret weakness is departmental rolling stock - a rake of ballast hoppers needs at least one or more brake vans, how could I resist this beauty?

It is a Bachmann model of the exSR 25t 'pill box' brake van in departmental olive green.

It will look rather good trundling around with the departmental oddities that infest Child Okeford but some weathering is sorely needed.